Committee members

Members of the ICA-CLC are legal experts who are recommended and appointed by the four regions of the ICA and the ICA Board.


Prof. Hagen Henry
Adjunct Professor of Comparative Law, University of Helsinki and Research Director at the Ruralia Institute (Finland)


Dr. Moses Mugisha
Lawyer and Executive Director Pullida Uganda Mr. Alphone P. Mbuya, Assistant Professor of Law at Moshi Cooperative University (Tanzania)

Ms. Anne Apps
PhD Candidate (Cooperative Law) and Lecturer at Newcastle Law School, University of Newcastle (Australia)

Dr. Bhagwati Prasad
Former Chief Executive, National Cooperative Union of India. Vice chairperson of House Building and Finance Corporation Ltd. (India)

Mr. Frank Lowery
Senior VP, General Counsel & Secretary at The Co-operators (Canada)

Dr. Dante Cracogna 
Lawyer and PhD in Law from the University of Buenos Aires. Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Buenos Aires; of Business Law at the University of Business and Social Sciences; of Specialization in Corporate Business at the Argentine Notarial University.(Argentina)

Dr. Antonio Fici 
Professor of Private Law at the Department of law of the University of Molise (Italy)

Dr. Ifigeniea Douvitsa 
Adjunct Lecturer on Social and Solidarity Economy at the Hellenic Open University and Teaching Fellow at the School of Law of the Democritus University of Thrace (Greece)


Mr. P. Santosh Kumar
Director of Legislation, ICA.