Interviews with Members and Experts

Here is a collection of interviews we have conducted with members of the ICA and experts in the field of cooperatives. These interviews cover a wide range of topics from legislation to more specifics on the types of cooperatives in today's world. 

Altantuya Tsenden-ish Coop Radio Peter Hunt Regional Framework Cooperative Law

Lessons from Mongolian Cooperative law: Ann Apps speaks to Altantuya Tseden-Ish. WATCH HERE

Going Further Together - Cooperative Research in Legislation and Development. (Co-op Radio) LISTEN HERE 

Protecting mutual assets: Ann Apps interviews Peter Hunt from UK’s Mutuo. WATCH HERE

Online Discussion on Regional Framework Cooperative Law: Pilot Project for the South Pacific. WATCH HERE

Sashy and Santosh ADVANCING KNOWLEDGE OF COOPERATIVE LAW.png Associated Work in Japan

Interview with lawyer Sashy Nathan of Commons Legal - a non-profit, cooperative law firm set up in 2016 with the aim to provide outstanding legal advice and representation to all of their clients, regardless of how the case is funded. LISTEN HERE

In Marburg, Germany, this July, a group of co-op law experts spoke to Professor Hans Munkner about the role of the ICA in advancing knowledge and practice. Besides Professor Munkner, the group included the Chair of the ICA Cooperative Law Committee, Hagen Henrÿ, law committee member Ifigeneia Douvitsa, ICA Cooperative Law Network member Dr. Leonardo Rafael D’souza, and Director of Legislation at the ICA, Santosh Kumar. LISTEN HERE

In February 2022 Professor Antonio Fici from the University of Molise in Italy interviewed Osamu Nakano, a Board Member of Japan Worker Cooperatives Union and Vice President of the Board of the International Organisation of Industrial and Service Cooperatives (CICOPA).The interview explored the main changes introduced under the 2020 Worker Cooperatives Act, and the impact these had had on Japanese cooperatives. The new law, which allows businesses to register as worker cooperatives, is expected to pave the way for a new wave of co-ops.The interview was facilitated by the International Cooperative Alliance’s Cooperative Law Committee (ICA-CLC) of which Prof. Fici is a member. LISTEN HERE