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Law Commission Review of Co-operative Law

UK law firm Anthony Collins, specialists in co-operative law, published three briefing notes to help raise awareness of Law Commission review, providing background information, and encourage conversation about important areas that might be included.
Credits to Massimiliano Morosinotto

Discover The New UN Resolution On Social And Solidarity Economy

The recently adopted resolution entitled, “Promoting the Social and Solidarity Economy for Sustainable Development” officially defines the Social and Solidarity Economy and acknowledges how it can aid in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.
A Historic Moment

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Welcome to the ICA Committee on Cooperative Law

ICA-CLC is a thematic committee constituted by the General Assembly, with the objective of giving independent advice to the ICA on cooperative law, which is broadly defined to include all legal Rules that shape the cooperative institution and regulate its operations. The committee is composed of legal experts from multiple jurisdictions who are well versed with cooperatives. These experts are recommended and appointed by the four regions of the ICA and the ICA Board. The current ICA-CLC will be constituted for its four-year term on 13 October 2019, during the ICA Global Conference on Cooperatives for Development and General Assembly in Kigali (Rwanda).

Regional networks

ICA Regions continue to encourage scholarly work on cooperative legislation and regulatory frameworks. More information and links soon!


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IUS Cooperativum establishes a world-wide community of lawyers interested in cooperative law.



The ICA-EU Partnership on Cooperatives in Development : People Centered Businesses in Action, has yielded its much awaited resource on enabling environment for cooperatives. With reports on cooperative mapping and analysis reports on legal frameworks, brings you an important and unique resource!



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