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Those blog posts delve into crucial topics where we share a wealth of valuable insights and information related to the cooperative movement. Our blog posts cover a range of topics, including legal matters, cooperative initiatives, industry trends, and more. Those posts are found to be a valuable resource for staying informed and engaged in the world of legislation and cooperative enterprises.

Scroll to find our posts about the UN General Assembly's resolution on the Social and Solidarity Economy and its potential to elevate the movement, the role of cooperatives in shaping the future of education, and an insightful intern's perspective on the ILO Apprenticeship Recommendation. Additionally, explore 'From Ideals to Action,' which discusses the ILO's vision for cooperative empowerment. Each of these posts offers a unique perspective and valuable insights into the world of cooperatives, sustainable development, and the evolving landscape of education and employment

From Ideals to Action: The ILO's Vision for Cooperative Empowerment

This essay, written by an ICA legal policy intern, explores the relationship between the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the cooperative movement. It delves into how cooperative values align with the ILO’s mission and highlights the ILO's role in promoting social justice, decent work, and inclusive economic development. The essay focuses on the significance of the ILO's Promotion of Cooperatives Recommendation (No.193), which recognizes cooperatives' contribution to sustainable human development and advocates for policies that support their growth. It discusses the importance of creating an enabling environment for.

An Intern's Perspective on the ILO Apprenticeship Recommendation

ILO Recommendation
This essay, written by an ICA legal policy intern, goes into the history of the ILO's Recommendation on apprenticeships, and how the Recommendations have evolved over time. It also gives details on the most Recommendation released in June 2023 and how it is a major shift from the previous active Recommendation. The essay also details how an intern feels about these recommendations, and what they hope to see in the future.

Cooperatives are the Future of Education

In this essay, a legal policy intern at ICA discusses cooperative education, exploring how beneficial the inclusive and accessible cooperative education model can be for both the cooperative movement and society at large. She looks at economic, political and social benefits of the empowerment associated with education and discusses the implications of cooperative education for younger generations.

The UN General Assembly Resolution on the Social and Solidarity Economy

In this piece, ICA legal policy intern Kira Liljegren explores the implications of the UN General Assembly’s recently adopted resolution on the Social Solidarity Economy (SSE). Taking into account Generation Z’s somewhat controversial rejection of capitalist ideologies in the workplace, she analyzes the potential of the SSE concept as an alternative to capitalism currently gaining visibility via the UN’s new resolution–establishing that this might just be the very shift Gen Z’ers have been waiting for.

International Perspectives on the Forthcoming UN ITLOS Climate Change Ruling

International Perspectives
Antigua and Barbuda and Tuvalu are leading a coalition of small island nations to seek an advisory opinion from the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS). The coalition seeks an opinion on whether the obligations laid out in the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) cover the damage that Global Warming does to the oceans.

Vietnam's New Law on Cooperatives

Vietnam's New Law
Vietnam's new Law on Cooperatives, set to take effect on 1 July 2024, lays out various provisions concerning existing cooperatives, registering new cooperatives, restrictions, prohibitions, activities, and policies, effective as early as 1 September 2023. The Law aims to regulate cooperatives and update regulations to ensure shared interests.

World Habitat Day 2023

World Habitat Day
Monday, October 2, marks 37 years since the first United Nations World Habitat Day commenced in Nairobi, Kenya. The purpose of this Day is to reflect on the collective responsibility we as humans have on our habitats, resource accessibility, and the future. This year's Habit Day theme in Azerbaijan was "Resilient urban economies. Cities as drivers of growth and recovery," featuring relevant keynote speakers and roundtable discussions.

Toudarté Cooperative: Empowering Women Through Collective Endeavors

Toudarté Empowering Women
The story of Toudarté is a compelling reminder of the transformative influence of cooperatives. It serves as a shining example of how these collective endeavors empower individuals and, in the process, enhance the very fabric of society. Through shared goals, persistence, and collaboration, Toudarté and countless cooperatives like it are changing lives, one cooperative at a time

Equity, Inclusion & Owning Our Co-op Identity

Equity, Inclusion, and Owning our Co-op
The International Cooperative Alliance and Cooperators Worldwide recently hosted a thought-provoking virtual event, diving deep into equity and inclusion within cooperative identity. They explored whether the Statement on the Cooperative Identity, the foundational document for cooperatives, needs a 21st-century makeover. This dialogue unfolded with several key points that resonate deeply within the cooperative community.

Cooperatives - Partners in Sustainable Development

Cooperatives - Partners in Sustainable Development
The cooperative movement stands as a powerful force for sustainable development, embodying the sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations. With their focus on decent work and economic growth, cooperatives not only create jobs and generate income but also ensure equitable pay, inclusivity, and worker well-being. Through economic empowerment, the cooperative movement is able to alleviate poverty and fight inequality.

Madagascar’s New Cooperative Legislation Is a Massive Win Nationally and Globally

Madagascar's New Cooperative Legislation is a Massive Win Nationally and Globally
Over the past few years, public and government support for cooperatives has been steadily
growing in Madagascar. Through assistance from various international and local organizations,
the movement that began back in the early 20th century has hit a breakthrough in the form of
monumental new legislation. The proposed framework consists of 240 articles, aiming to foster
local production and generate new economic opportunities by increasing the credibility of
cooperatives within the country.

Sustainability Agreements: Building Bridges for a Resilient Future

Sustainability Agreements: Building Bridges for a Resilient Future
As human impact on the environment becomes increasingly prominent, society may gradually reject the doctrine which equates self-serving pursuits to benefit the collective. However, to address the pressing issue of climate change and achieve bold proposals such as “no poverty,” authorities and the general public need to rethink their approach to corporate governance, from the role of shareholders to how industries measure success. Despite certain shortcomings regarding specificity and insufficient consideration of emerging technology, the European Commission has taken a significant step in this direction by issuing new Horizontal Guidelines. The regulations on sustainability agreements acknowledge the importance of cooperation. For once, they decentralise the adversarial view to business management. Hopefully, they support and normalise a culture of collectivism that prioritises various stakeholders, among which nature itself, over profit.